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When Colorado Mesa University opened its doors back in 1925 it took on a junior college mission. Now, nearly 100 years later, Colorado Mesa University has reached a crossroads. Do we follow the path of ideological monolith institutions that have given up on the idea of creating a place where students from all walks of life, different experiences and different zip codes can come together and learn from one another? Or do we create a university that's perfectly scaled model of what we want our country and our community to become? We choose the latter.

The American university is uniquely positioned to be a scaled model of the country and the future we wish to see. What does that model look like at Colorado Mesa University? That model looks like a Human Scale University. A community in relationship with one another. Encouraging critical thinking from one another as we pursue truth. Creating in environment that reinvents a future that is more respectful, more humble and more just.

We hold fast to our mission to provide a wide range of educational opportunities to our region and beyond. And we lean in to the values that lie under our every pursuit.

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